Hanwha Vision launches AI Public View Monitors

Hanwha Vision, the global vision solution provider, has launched AI Public View Monitors (AI PVMs) which bring accurate object detection and classification to its leading range of PVMs for enhanced retail operations. 

The new 27 and 32-inch models, SMT-3231PV and SMT-2731PV, are well-suited to a range of applications across retail including store entrances, shopping aisles, and self-checkouts. The AI PVMs are designed to deter criminal activity and reduce loss prevention with visible surveillance while providing marketing opportunities via high-definition screens.

Invaluable AI analytics

The AI PVM range has intelligent video analytics that provide accurate object detection and classification through deep learning. Loitering and line-crossing detection can alert operators to people detected in a specific area for a set amount of time, or if they cross a virtual line, helping to protect stockrooms and offices. AI reduces false alarms and allows for swift forensic search to support investigations, thereby improving security team efficiency.

People counting and queue management analytics can provide valuable insights to improve the in-store experience, by helping management plan staffing schedules and predict busy periods, and by alerting operators to open additional checkouts if queues start forming. Heat map analytics provide insights into the impact of product placements and different promotions within a store. 

Flexible marketing opportunities

Retailers can use the AI PVMs as an additional customer communications channel, with no microSD or USB needed. Logos, banners, and up to 10 images can be displayed to promote new products or special offers. The screens can show advertising or other messages from the retailer, surveillance footage, or both store views and customer activity on the same monitor — with flexible PIP/PBP settings (picture-in-picture and picture-by-picture). 

When the built-in AI detects a human walking past the screen, the monitors can switch from an advertising view to a surveillance view that makes it obvious to a passer by that they are under surveillance. Knowing that people are being monitored can deter shoplifting.

Aesthetically pleasing

The monitors can be adjusted to display as landscape or portrait with the same view monitored and recorded in the correct orientation. The monitors come with a sleek design plus two size options that enable them to blend well with all interiors.

Operators can set the AI PVMs to switch on and off at predefined times, for example store opening hours. This, alongside configuration, can be done remotely over a network.

Discover more about the new AI PVMs here.

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